2 years warranty

From Nov 2016, we are pleased to announce that Teleview is providing 2 years warranty (parts and labor) on all their products.

DVB-SX2 availability

Teleview has announced immediate availability of DVB-S2X modulation on TVB598 (PC Express board) and TVB599 (USB) modulators.  

Linux support

Teleview has released Linux software to support TVB593, TVB598 and TVB599 modulators. 32 and 64 bits kernel are both available.

New version of software for TVB597 and TVB599

A new version of  TPG0590, the software used by USB and PC Express Teleview modulators (TVB593, TVB597A v2 and higher, TVB598 and TVB599) has been released Main new features are: 1. [DVB-S2] Support DVB-S2 Multiple Input Stream (MIS)  2. [TVB598] Added IQ Play mode This new version of software can be downloaded at  ftp://ftp.teleview.com/TVB590_5_7_Windows/TPG0590VC.zip

New software release for Windows

New Windows Software is released. Please download new software version 7.7.2 from http://ftp.teleview.com/TVB590_5_7_Windows/TPG0590VC.zip Revised feature  1. New GUI with 800×600 pixel support.  2. Incomplete ATSC-MH stream is treated as ATSC stream. (Example: on-air captured ATSC-MH stream)  3.T-DMB(DAB) mode II bug fix.